Here is a good example of  an extremely
"drought tolerant" tree that will not only thrive in dry conditions, but will also put on a spectacular show of colors during the summers season!

These can be grown as a "single" or "multi" trunk tree. Different varieties will grow to different heights.

We have a fantastic selection available from dwarf to full size varieties.

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We are


"Supplier of Quality Landscape Plants."

The Secret is out!............

Did you realize that a huge percent of trees & shrubs are "drought tolerant" after establishing themselves after one to two growing seasons in the ground?

Take a look around,just how often do you think those shopping centers or street medians get water after the first year or two?

These landscapes are not just planted with Cactus & succulents!

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Calaveras Nursery

Lately, we have been hearing from many new customers that "Calaveras Nursery not only has the Best Selection of Landscape Plants available, but our Quality of trees & shrubs are the best to be found in the Bay Area!"

Also.... " The customer service is unmatched!"

Needless to say, my 3 sons & myself are very flattered by all of the positive comments!

A Big Thanks to all.

While on the subject of the drought,one has to realize that landscapes do not have to look like the Las Vegas suburbs! There are literally hundreds of plant varieties which will grow & thrive in dry conditions and still fill ones yard with lush greenery and colorful flowers.

We invite you to stop in and see for yourself the many plant options we offer, you just might be surprised!

If you are looking for some good, Old Fashion Quality Plants & Service.... look no further, you've just found the place!

Upon your arrival here at our nursery you will be amazed at just how much we have to offer. With thousands of Landscape Plants to choose from, you will surely find just what you need.If we do not have what you are looking for, feel free to ask, as we more than likely can locate & bring it in from the many plant growers we deal with throughout the west.

Even if you do not know just what you are looking for, just ask any of us here to help point you in the right direction to make your dream landscape a reality.

Be sure to follow our website, as it will be updated regularly as new items arrive.

Miles invites you to "stop in and take the time to smell the flowers !"

Not only do we offer a fantastic selection of unusual and hard to find plants, we also offer many beautiful landscape plants that will tolerate and thrive in the current dry conditions we are currently experiencing in this great state of ours.

We not only offer a wonderous selection of plants.......

We also offer  a feast for ones soul!

*** Please Note ***

Please call for hours if the temps are 100 degrees or higher, as we start early and sometimes sneak out early to beat the heat.