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*** NEW! ***

Plant Availability List

We have added a new link on our site.

All you have to do is go up to the top and "click" on the "Plant Availability" button. This will take you to the link of our most current inventory of items we have, or which can be ordered at this time. This list can also be printed for your convenience.

Now click away, and enjoy!

The Holidays are upon us.....

Family & friends are a wonderful part of the holidays, as is our surroundings and how they set the "Holiday Mood".

Sprucing up the garden for the holidays has always been a tradition by many. Whether it is adding colorful trees or shrubs, or dressing up the entryways with containers of holiday color.

For those of you looking to do just this......

we have many different options here at our nursery.From beautiful landscape plants to decorative dish gardens & more.

Even if you are not looking to make a purchase, feel free to stop in and browse. This is the best time of year to come in and enjoy the beautiful surroundings!

Even at this time of year when most nurseries & garden centers are cutting back on their inventories, we continue to offer one of the best selections of landscape plants to everyone!

A visit to Calaveras Nursery is truly "Food for ones Soul!"

Aside from the fantastic selection of landscape plants, we also carry a great selection of  holiday  items that are great as gifts for  the  plant enthusiast or as house warming gifts!

We also have Gift Certificates available to purchase.