*** Scentsational! ***

After a few years of growing, we now are selling the "Orange flowering " Sweet Olive

This unusual  & hard to find variety of Osmanthus has to be one of the most beatifully fragrant plant on this earth! The tiny orange blossoms are used for tea. As a shrub, this one can grow to 15ft, very useful as a privacy screen. It will also grow well in containers. If you love the fragrance of Jasmine & Gardenias, get ready to be blown away by this heavenly fragrance. We have a good supply of these in both 5 & 15gallon containers, we also have approx 6-10 huge plants in 24" boxes.

1gallon Dwarf Red Marguerite Daisy

Blooming through late fall, this one will make a very colorful border that will grow up to 18 inches. Also can be used in containers to brighten up a patio.

Why go to a grocery store and buy bay leaves, when you can go into your garden and pick fresh leaves as you need them!

We have a really nice selection of "Sweet Bay Laurels" in both 5 & 15 gallon containers.

This one can be used as a tall screen, up to 25 ft plus, or you can grow one in a wine barrel planter and contain it to about 4 - 6 ft.

Mmmmm.... I can smell the spaghetti sauce as I'm typing!

We have a spectacular assortment of perennials now in "bud & bloom".

Pictured to the right is our crop of 5 gallon "Yesterday, today & Tomorrow" (Brunsfelsia floribunda)

​This decidious shrub can grow up to 6ft, or can be kept as low as 3ft. What is unusual about this one are the blossoms. The come out bright blue and fade into different, lighter shades. As it gets into full swing, there is a continous show of multiple colors. Added bonus is the sweet fragrance! 

Amongst our selection of perennials, we have some Spiderwort "Sweet Kate", this colorful plant will grow in sun or part shade, growing to 16inches, this is a great accent plant, or low border. The contrast of the purple blossoms against the brilliant, yellow foliage is jaw dropping! As an added bonus, this one will attract hummingbirds!

​We offer one of the largest selection of landscape plants that can be found in the greater Bay Area. Here at our nursery you will find not only the more common plants, but also many unusual and different varieties as well.  We invite you to take some time and drive out here for a visit, definitley an experience you will enjoy!

​We have an outstanding selection of  Red Japenese Maples, as well as green varieties. Japanese Maples can create a beautiful focal point in a landscape.

10 gallon "Brazilian Flame Bush"  (calliandra)

This very hardy shrub will thrive in full sun, or part shade. Growing up to 8 ft, it can also be kept smaller with occasional pruning. Very soft textured foliage contast well with the brilliant red flowers. 

There is no need to plant multiple Cherry Trees in order to have cherries!

We have a nice crop of huge, 24" boxed, multi grafted cheery trees available now. These are grafted with 4 variwties of cherries on each tree.

It's like planting a mini orchard in a single space!