​1 gallon Phormium "yellow Wave"

The bright yellow/green foliage will make a colorful splash in ones landscape. This hardy evergreen plant will thrive in full sun or part shade. It will grow up to 3ft.

5 gallon Asparagus meyeri 

'Ponytail Fern"

This very interesting fern can grow up to 2ft. Grow this one in sun or shade.

Why go to a grocery store and buy bay leaves, when you can go into your garden and pick fresh leaves as you need them!

We have a really nice selection of "Sweet Bay Laurels" in both 5 & 15 gallon containers.

This one can be used as a tall screen, up to 25 ft plus, or you can grow one in a wine barrel planter and contain it to about 4 - 6 ft.

Mmmmm.... I can smell the spaghetti sauce as I'm typing!

1 gallon Salvia "Black & Bloom"

The rich, dark blue flowers contrast well with the green leaves and black stems, Plant these in your landscape to add some intense color!

1 gallon Japanese Blood Grass

​This ornamental grass looks as if the tips were dipped in red paint. Useful as an accent, or grow one in a container.

5 gallon Aucuba "Gold Dust" & "Picturata"

These shade loving plants can grow up to 6 - 6ft tall. Very use full under trees or against a fence as a background plant.The bright yellow markings stand out against the rich green on the foliage.


If you like sweet fruit....

The Pineapple Guava will knock your socks off!

These extremely hardy plants will give an abundance of egg sized fruit sept thru november. As an added bonus, it will grow up to 10ft and create a useful screen. These will also thrive in an oak barrel planter on a patio.

We offer a fantastic selection of Japanese Maples.

​Green leaf varieties, Red leaf varieties, regular & Lace leafs as well.

​Camellia j. "Debutaunte"

5 gallon Nandina "Gulf Stream"

Not only do trees have brilliant fall color...

​this dwarf shrub will give a spectacular show of colors just about year round! Growing up to 3ft, yhis shrub will make a great addition to any landscape.

​We offer a good selection of Succulents!

1 gallon Monkey Flower (mimulus)

​This is one of my all time favorites! This perennial can grow up to 2 - 3ft, and bloom spring thru late fall.This one will attract butterflies!

1 gallon Salvia "Hot Lips"

​This plant will give you color spring thru late fall! It can grow up to 3ft. An added bonus... this one will attract hummingbirds!

We offer a very broad selection of Junipers and other evergreens.

​You would be hard pressed to find such a wonderful assortment available anywhere else!

We currently have a selection of 5 gallon

"Moringa" trees, also known as the "Drumstick Tree".

"What's new?" you ask.............

You will discover that here at our nursery, there is "always something new!"

​Camellia j. "Kramers Supreme"

Equisetum, "Horsetail Rush"

​This unique plant makes an interesting display in a container, or use in the ground as a striking accent.

1 gallon Cordyline "Electric Pink

​This brilliantly colored plant can grow up to 4ft.Very useful plant in the ground, or in containers.