For you "Bonsai Enthusiasts"

Juniper "Shimpaku"

​We offer this hard to find juniper in both 5 & 15gal containers.

Equisetum, "Horsetail Rush"

​This unique plant makes an interesting display in a container, or use in the ground as a striking accent.

5 gallon Nandina "Gulf Stream"

Not only do trees have brilliant fall color...

​this dwarf shrub will give a spectacular show of colors just about year round! Growing up to 3ft, yhis shrub will make a great addition to any landscape.

"What's new?" you ask.............

You will discover that here at our nursery, there is "always something new!"

5 gallon Aucuba "Gold Dust" & "Picturata"

These shade loving plants can grow up to 6 - 6ft tall. Very use full under trees or against a fence as a background plant.The bright yellow markings stand out against the rich green on the foliage.



Priced at only $295.00, these beautiful 24" box Japanese Black Pines are a steal!

​We have 5 of these available, do not wait on these, they will sell fast!

Here is one you will not find everywhere...

15 gal Yucca Gloriosa

This hardy, nearly indestructable palm can grow up to 20ft, or be kept down to 10 ft! we currently have a great selection of these to pick from.

15 gal "Majestic Beauty" Fruitless Olive Trees

We are offering the best selection of these hardy trees to be found in the Bay Area! With over 200 to choose from, you are sure to find one to suit your landscape needs. 

​We have a beautiful selection of 15 gal "Aptos Blue" Redwoods. All of these are full & are planted out at approx 7-8ft.

24" box Magnolia "Little Gem"

​For some reason we have been hearing that we are one of the few places to find these "Dwarf Magnolias", let alone in the sizes we offer. We have these in both 15gal & 24" box containers.

Lomandra "Breeze"

This hardy ornamental grass can grow to 2ft. Stays evergreen all year! Fantastic looking grass to compliment any landscape. We offer these in both 1 & 5gal sizes.

5 gal Juniper p. "Green Mound"

These low growing junipers create a very hardy ground covering. As with all junipers, these require very little water!

5 gal Juniper "San Jose"

​These 5gal junipers are destined for "Bonsai"! These have some very amazing trunk size to them.

Why go to a grocery store and buy bay leaves, when you can go into your garden and pick fresh leaves as you need them!

We have a really nice selection of "Sweet Bay Laurels" in both 5 & 15 gallon containers.

This one can be used as a tall screen, up to 25 ft plus, or you can grow one in a wine barrel planter and contain it to about 4 - 6 ft.

Mmmmm.... I can smell the spaghetti sauce as I'm typing!