One of the hardiest plants on the face of this earth!

Drought tolerant, deer resistant, long lasting color & will grow under just about any dry conditions.

Even if you are not ready to make a purchase, we invite you to stop in to wander aimlessly through our nursery and get lost in your thoughts!

We offer a very interesting inventory of many unusual, and out of the ordinary plants.

Why go to a grocery store and buy bay leaves, when you can go into your garden and pick fresh leaves as you need them!

We have a really nice selection of "Sweet Bay Laurels" in both 5 & 15 gallon containers.

This one can be used as a tall screen, up to 25 ft plus, or you can grow one in a wine barrel planter and contain it to about 4 - 6 ft.

Mmmmm.... I can smell the spaghetti sauce as I'm typing!

** Just Arrived! **

Cordyline " Cherry Sensation "

We have the most colorful plants available in both 1 & 5 gallon containers.

Figs, Persimmons. Pomegrantes, Peaches, Apples, Plums, Cherries, Pears, Almonds, Nectarines, and the list just keeps going on & on & on.......................

*** Available Now! *** 15 gallon FRUIT TREES. Many varieties to choose from!

Looking for Ornamental Grass?

We offer a really wide selection of many varieties.

Not only do ornamental grasses need little water, they will also add texture & color to any landscape.

For those of you who want immediate  satisfaction, we offer a wide range of landscape plants in 15 gallon containers. Pictured on the left is an example. These are 15 gallon English Laurels. These will plant out at 5-6ft tall and create an almost instant hedge or screen.

"What's new?" you ask.............

You will discover that here at our nursery, there is "always something new!"

If you like sweet fruit....

The Pineapple Guava will knock your socks off!

These extremely hardy plants will give an abundance of egg sized fruit sept thru november. As an added bonus, it will grow up to 10ft and create a useful screen. These will also thrive in an oak barrel planter on a patio.